Queensland 4x4 Club bylaws state that all participants of trips above a medium rating must have successfully completed the Club's Driver Driver Awareness program or have a National Accreditation Certificate.

The aim of the short program is to ensure a common basic level of driver awareness and skill to ensure the safety and enjoyment of club trips. Members how have previously attended the training program are still welcome to attend to attend to further hone their skills in a controlled environment.

The Club Driver Awareness program is free to financial members and is run on demand within the local area. The program runs approximately for 4 hours [allow longer as we usually go for a drive afterwards] and covers the following topics:

  • 4WD Knowledge and Theory
  • 4WD Driving Skills
  • Stall Start Techniques
  • Recovery Techniques

If you are interested in attending the Driver Awareness program, please place your name on the trip sheet and you will be notified when the next Safety Induction Training will be held or alternatively contact our Driver Training Coordinator.